The purpose of the program will be to strengthen the creation of fictional stories for children and young adult, so that the stories will meet them in their specific media reality. The goal is to create stories that appeal to a youth readership as strongly as large, international brands do - and with the same remarkable displays of originality and quality that we’ve seen in Denmark and Scandinavia since the mid of the last century.


Quotes about The Cross Media School of Children’s Fiction:

“A determined commitment to educate script-writers to tell stories to this important target group is very much welcomed. We have big expectations that this is where we, in the future, will find the storytellers for our future film and TV productions for children and young adults.”
- Thomas Heinesen, Producer, Nordisk Film

“The way we tell stories is constantly changing in new digital contexts, but the good crafts stay the same. It’s clear that there’s a need for an education that can create a new generation of script-writers who naturally, and with confidence, can move across media forms. In the video game industry, this will help maintain the strong Danish tradition of innovative worlds targeted at children and young adults.”
- Jeppe Bisbjerg, VP Publishing, JoyPac

“Today DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) is working across both genre and platform. We do so because the young audience is both demanding in its preferences and choices of entertainment. To keep up with that, to stay relevant we need a high level of professionalism, we need courage and innovation. An education, based on knowledge of the young audience strengthening the qualifications in this area will be able to contribute to the purpose and grand tradition of DR; That is why we hope to see this project succeed.” - Morten Skov Hansen, Head of DR Childrens Dept.

”Children and young adult explore interesting stories, characters and universes in the formats, genres and platforms that suits each person best. The core of the experience is given by creation of the genuine, funny, relatable and thrilling story. A new timely cross media school of children’s fiction with exactly that focus will be able to develop new creative talents that we at Høst & Søn would be interested to work with – possibly in cooperation with other production companies and partners.” - Anne Mørch Hansen, Publisher, Høst & Søn Publishing

“Writing for a young audience is an art form that we need to maintain in all its specificity.  Therefore we need to make it a priority to create a place where people can sink deep into the knowledge and discussion  of how to  create content for children and YA on a high level. It is equally important to secure the access to a great body of inspiration regarding content as well as the form or the ways of expression seen from the point of view of the young audience as opposed to ones own private pov. That is one reason why we need a cross media school of children’s fiction.” - Ulla Hæstrup, Film Commissioner, Children and youth, Danish Film Institute

“Writing the next big novel for children is about more than posessing a great literary voice. It is about getting the very special and original idea for a plot and being able to maintain the focus of an unsteady reader as well. Contrary to that adapting an already established tv show to a genuine novel for children is all about possesing a great literary voice. At Carlsen Publishers we work both ways – literary voices who would benefit from more knowledge about plot, and plot-makers who need to develop a literary voice – and that is why we most certainly see a need for a Cross media school of children’s fiction.” - Kaya Hoff, Editor-in-chief and Christian Bach, Publisher, Carlsen Publishers