About us


Elin Algreen-Petersen

20 years of developing stories for children and young adults as publishing editor - 8 of these years spent as editor-in-chief of children and Y/A fiction at Gyldendal Publishing with responsibilities including strategy, economy and employees - has given me the courage to throw myself into this project of establishing a manuscript school for fiction aimed at a younger crowd. 

Amongst other things, it is my work with characters such as Mimbo Jimbo, Vitello and Ib the Dog, and with worlds such as the one in the novel You and Me at Dawn, that has shown me that Danish talent can create products of entertainment and culture that not only has high aesthetic standards, but also a big and direct appeal to children and young adults. 

It is these talents we want to find and encourage here at The Cross Media School of Children’s Fiction.


Dennis Glintborg

Graduated from The Writer’s School for Children’s Literature in 2012 - and worked at DR’s children and Y/A department from 2008-2017. 

In DR, I worked with audio stories for Ramasjang Radio, developed games and digital video for Ramasjang and Ultra - and have also facilitated tons of idea developments for the quirky minds of children. 

At Gyldendal Publishing, I have been working with content-marketing for children and young adults, put together strategies, and created a literature magazine for young adults.

A common ground for all of this is a huge interest in children as a target group, and the content they are most passionate about. This is something I’m looking forward to working with more at The Cross Media School of Children’s Fiction, alongside good people with the same passion.